About us


This is the story of a mother and a son, Antonella and Simone, who decided to follow their dreams and their passions here in California.

Born and raised in Rome, Italy, after traveling to different countries, Antonella, Simone, and the rest of their family, finally settled down in the Bay Area.

Antonella decided that it was time to pursue her desire to become a chef. She studied and learned new techniques and recipes, practicing preparing meals first for her family and friends, and then, as a personal chef, for her new clients. In the meantime, Simone, soon after college, started working in the restaurant industry, enjoying greeting customers and improving his management skills. In 2016 the owner of La Pizzeria, an Italian restaurant in Campbell's historic downtown, where Simone was working, decided to sell the business: Antonella and Simone didn't miss the extraordinary opportunity and bought the restaurant!

Today, La Pizzeria is a cozy and pleasant spot where you can feel the story and the dedication of its owners along with the strong ties that they have kept with their hometown. Rome inspires its menu. You can find the traditional recipes of the area such as Spaghetti Cacio and Pepe and the typical Roman-style pizza. A wide choice of traditional Italian dishes plus a full bar with Italian special cocktails and drinks, and a real Italian espresso, making La Pizzeria the best place to experience the authentic taste of Italian cuisine.